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Github Sponsors webhooks enables Open Source SaaS

Github announced its new webhooks for sponsors API.

Offering perks to sponsors is a natural way to express gratitude. Until now that required keeping a list of sponsors based on email notification and makings sure that each sponsor is acknowledged according to their tier.

With the new sponsor webhooks, it is now possible to completely automate perks for sponsors. In fact it makes it relatively straightforward to build incentives into sponsor tiers such as premium feature access to hosted (SaaS) version of a project. This is fitting especially for end-user applications where open source code is an important part of building a dev community, but operating a live service adds real value to end users.

Open Source SaaS is a strong trend that more new gen open source SaaS products are adopting, including, MongoDB, Kafka/Confulent, Elastic, Wordpress and others.

Another nice touch of the new gitub sponsors update is labeling issues and PRs from sponsors. I suspect there is more to come along these lines to make it simpler (and fairly so) for project maintainers to attract and reward sponsors.

Great work Github team! Keep it up!

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