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How about your beast mode?

We all had times that we needed to do some extra working, stay awake at whole night and not return anybody's call and doing nothing but our work.
I was thinking about the phrase 'beast mode' for a while and how it can be? One thing for sure is that it's different for anybody. My beast mode might include 4 hours work a day and someone else's might 8.
Another thing is I don't think the beast mode is all about the hard work, it needs some brain and intelligence too.

Beast mode

My beast mode

I want you to think about your beast mode too, every single one of us has inner capabilities that he never (completely) used. It can take days, months or years for everyone to find out about what he can do to make his work efficient. I wanna list some of the things that are part of my beast mode:

  • Not getting distracted by social media
  • Use 20 20 20 rule to prevent eyestrain and have more energy

  • If I'm working for the next hour, I just think about that work and nothing else and if I'm going out and having fun, just enjoy it and don't think about the work.

  • Change my place every often (like every hour). Trust me, this one really works.

  • Set a short goal for every time session that I work. Like if I'm gonna code for 30 minutes and rest for 2 minutes, I finish a function(ality) in that 30 minutes(or do my best to).

  • At least code for 4 hours a day.

  • Use the right drink at the right time(coffee, tea, juice, beer, etc)

This is my list so far, every time I hit a new one, I try to test it and then add it here!

Do you think the word 'beast' has some negative meanings? I mean it's not that good to compare our self to a beast to a beast and try to act like it and go on its mode, but admit it, the phrase is kinda cool though.

What are your beast mode features?

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