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Awesome Frontend Masters Course Resources

Awesome FrontendMasters Course Resources

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A curated list of awesome frontendmasters course resources
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Resource Repository Instructor/Developer
Introduction to Next.js nextjs-course-app Scott Moss
JavaScript & TypeScript Monorepos js-ts-monorepos Mike North
Introduction to Design Systems fem-design-systems Emma Bostian
Getting The Front End Job hot-to-get-front-end-job Jerome Hardaway
Building Web Apps with Vue and Nuxt building-web-apps-with-vue Sarah Drasner
Introduction to Vue.js intro-to-vue Sarah Drasner
Introduction to SVG and D3.js introduction-to-svg-and-d3-js Shirley Wu
Serverless Functions frontendmasters-serverless Jason Lengstorf
Complete Intro to Linux and the CLI complete-intro-to-linux-and-the-cli Brian Holt
State Management with Vuex frontend-masters-vuex Divya
Introduction to Svelte svelte-workshop Rich Harris
Angular 9 Fundamentals angular9-fundamentals-workshop One Hungry Mind
JavaScript State Machines & XState frontend-masters-xstate-workshop David Khourshid
Complete FrontEnd Project: Project Fox Game project-fox-game-site Brian Holt
React Native: Building mobile applications react-native-v2 Kadi Kraman
Creative Coding with WebGL & Shaders workshop-webgl-glsl Matt DesLauriers
Go for JavaScript Developers fem-intro-to-go Brenna
Functional Architecture Patterns: JavaScript Practically-Functional Brian Lonsdorf
Functional Programming in JavaScript Functional-Light-JS Brian Lonsdorf
Practical Guide to Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.0 and Keras practicalDL Vadim Karpusenko
Advanced GraphQL advanced-gql-v2 Scott Moss
Intro to JAMstack jamstack-intro Jason Lengstorf
State Management in Pure React pure-react-state-management Steve Kinney
Interviewing for Frontend Engineers frontend-interviewing Jem Young
Complete Intro to Containers complete-intro-to-containers Brian Holt
JavaScript: Hard Parts js-hard-parts Will Sentance
Intermediate Gatsby with Gatsby Themes gatsby-intermediate Jason Lengstorf
Client-Side GraphQL in React fullstack-graphql Scott Moss
Server-Side GraphQL in Node.js fullstack-graphql Scott Moss
Full Stack for Front-End Engineers Full-Stack-For-Frontend Jem Young
HTML Email Development html-email-development Jason Rodriguez
Building Your Own Programming Language dropbear Steve Kinney
Visual Studio Code Can Do That? workshop-vs-code-can-do-that Burke Holland
Advanced CSS Layout fem-adv-css-layout Jen Kramer
Accessibility in JavaScript Applications js-a11y-workshop Marcy Sutton
State Management: Redux and Mobx redux-counter Steve Kinney
Exploring Service Workers service-workers-offline Kyle Simpson
Ember Octane Fundamentals ember-octane Mike North
Getting started with JavaScript You-Dont-Know-JS Kyle Simpson
Introduction to Gatsby gatsby-intro Jason Lengstorf
Intermediate React complete-intro-to-react-v5 Brian Holt
Hard Parts: Servers & Node.js fm-hard-parts-servers-nodejs Will Sentance
Tree and Graph Data Structures coding-interview-university Bianca
Intermediate Python python Nina Zakharenko
Deep JavaScript Foundations You-Dont-Know-JS Kyle Simpson
TypeScript Fundamentals typescript-fundamentals Mike North
Firebase with React think-piece Steve Kinney
Electron Fundamentals electron-in-action Steve Kinney
API design in Node.js with Express api-design-node-v3 Scott Moss
SVG Essentials & Animation svg-workshop Sarah Drasner
Design For Developers design-for-developers Sarah Drasner
Reactive Angular with NgRx angular-reactive-workshop One Hungry Mind
Angular Core angular-core-workshop One Hungry Mind
Creative Coding with Canvas & WebGL workshop-generative-art Matt DesLauriers
Introduction to MongoDB intro-mongo-db Scott Moss
Introduction to Nodejs intro-node-js Scott Moss
Advanced Elm elm-0.19-workshop Richard Feldman
AWS for Frontend Engineers aws-for-frontend Steve Kinney
Mastering ChromeDev Tools mastering-chrome-devtools Jon Kuperman
Building Custom Data Visualizations custom-dataviz-example Shirley Wu
Data Visualization for React Developers react-d3-example Shirley Wu
Website Performance with Webpack webpack-workshop-2018 Sean Larkin
Complete Intro to Web Development intro-to-web-dev-v2 Brian Holt
Serverless with AWS Lambda serverless-with-aws Scott Moss
SQL Fundamentals sql-fundamentals Mike North
Web Performance web-performance Steve Kinney
4 Semesters of CS in 5 Hours four-semesters-of-cs Brian Holt
Git in Depth advanced-git Nina Zakharenko
Web Security web-security-fundamentals Mike North
JavaScript for Wordpress frontend-masters-jsforwp Zac Gordon
PWA Fundamentals pwa-fundamentals Mike North
Modern SEO modern-seo Mike North
Sass Fundamentals sass-workshop-setup Marc Grabanski
Robust APIs with the Hapi.js Server Framework for Node.js fem-instructors-app Ryan Chenkie
Creating an Open Source JavaScript Library on Github write-oss Kent C. Dodds
Unit Testing with JavaScript real-world-testing Test Double

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