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Web Development is a major part of IT sector, and one of those that has a vast knowledge to be digested. So the foremost important thing while learning is that we understand each and every concept clearly and deeply as possible.

We will take up the blocks and build them all together slowly to make the rigid concepts clearer.

Understanding the term Web Development :-

Dividing the term web development makes the picture vividly clear that they refer to creating and maintaining our work on the web, i.e., the Internet.

But, here we need to understand that Internet simply doesn't mean searching something you want to know on the browser.

The Internet is a large network of cables that facilitates the transmission of Information through data packets.

The network of cables is very vast and spans the globe across 550000 miles of hidden cables under the ocean.

Network of underwater cables

Data packets are basically the small chunks of one information divided into many parts for efficient transmission of the complete information.

It contains all types of information including the locations of sender and the receiver devices.

The speed at which the data packets are transmitted is called Bandwidth.

It is measured in bit-rate, i.e., number of bits transmitted per second over a network.

Also time taken for 1 bit of data to be sent from sender to receiver is called as Latency.

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Alaa Essam

Band width is not measured in bit rate , the BW is calculated 1/Tb as Tb is the width of the smallest pulse measured in time-domain as the Transmitter may use different line of codes the width of the pulses changes.

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The generalised and basic unit for bandwidth is bit-rate.
Yes sir , I read about what you mentioned above but that would be applicable when we are considering the scenario you described above.