Designing Tech Conference Swag (that people won't throw away)

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Developer Relations (7 Part Series)

1) Prototyping a career in Developer Relations 2) How to live-tweet a tech event 3 ... 5 3) Designing Tech Conference Swag (that people won't throw away) 4) [Case Study] Converting Users into Developer Advocates 5) [Case Study] Video content as a Developer Relations strategy 6) [Case Study] Blogging as a Developer Relations Strategy 7) How to write a blog post: The four-drafts method

In this video, I share tech swag ideas that are useful instead of wasteful. Hope it helps you decide the swag for your next tech event!

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Great video! Forwarded to the mkt department.

BTW, my favourite swag item is the rubber duck from the VoxxedCERN event I attended this year:

It is a very attentive and patient listener 🤣


Thanks! and the little duck is so cute!!!

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