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Amruta Ranade
Amruta Ranade

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How do you evaluate new technology?

This question is inspired by Chris Bertrand's post.

Chris' warning of not buying into the hype around new technologies without social proof resonated with me. But it also made me wonder about if and how I should be vetting new technology. How do I pick the new tech to explore and what to be wary of?

I would love to know how you decide to explore or ignore new technologies.

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Ryan Dsouza

Mostly it depends on how stable it is and would there be any gains if I start ewvaluating this stuff at the moment.

For e.g.

In the JavaScript ecosystem, incorporating TypeScript in projects is gaining a lot of trend and rightly so as it is a great addition to the codebase to obtain compile-time errors. It has been implemented and used by lots of folks so diving into that would be easy as help isavailable there too.
But consider Deno, it's quite new, so getting help is a bit diffucult, there's no interop with NPM packages so you need to create those on your own. These are some points that make me not want to learn Deno as that wouldn't be helpful personally or in my organization. There wouldn't be any added advantages to my skillset that I could show.

This is my approach on how one should evaluate new technology.