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Ana María Díaz
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Things to become a better developer

Have you ever thought, what exactly is the formula to become a better developer? The thing is that there is no formula, book or even a methodology. Everything is about building a mindset and identifying those things that you need to start doing in order to became a better developer. Also keep in mind that everyone who works in the tech field is constantly learning because every single day things change.

I’ll give you some advices that help me grow as a developer:

Improve your communication skills

First things first, as software engineers we don’t work alone most of the times there’s a development team where everyone has their own tasks. Having more confidence and start asking for help is one of the most important things to have a better communication with your team, solve problems and find better solutions.

But everything is up to you, the way you act and the words you use to express yourself can make the difference.

Practice algorithms and DS

We all got that class at college of learning algorithms and data structures, but sometimes when we get more focused on a specific area meaning Web development, Mobile development, etc. We forget about the basics, starting with data structures such as stacks and queues would help us identify when and where to use it, algorithms allow us to write an optimal solution based on time and space complexity.
Remember, It’s always a good idea keep practicing your programming logic.

Learn how to use your terminal

As a Frontend developer I used to think that I would never open a terminal, I didn’t even know that a shell and the terminal are actually different. But I was totally wrong, as developers we need to have as a minimum basic knowledge of terminal because sometimes there are no UI and we also need to install libraries or packages that are based on commands.

Rest and take care of yourself, not everything it’s about coding

Last but not least, there are many times that we forgot that we are humans, and we started living in autopilot. The importance of resting at weekends and enjoying the things you like to do is part of the process. So, this weekend why don’t you start watching that tv show? Go to your favorite cafeteria and spend your time with the people you love, friends, family boyfriend / girlfriend.

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jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy 🎖️ • Edited

First things first, as software engineers we don’t work alone most of the times there’s a development team where everyone has their own tasks.

Therefore, developers are working alone most of the time. Working alone is the normal state for a developer

curiousdev profile image
CuriousDev • Edited

Thank you for this article, but let me sum it up:
If you are working on a Team, you also need to communicate, you should accept, that you should keep learning and practicing, sometimes you will need to use a terminal, which will make you to learn it anyway and finally you end with something which appears to me like a recent trend, that we are all humans, not resources, who need to take care for themselves. The latter can be put into every article about some kind of job or more.
Do not take this too serious, it is not wrong what you have written, but it feels like I have read this over and over. Especially the last point gets annoying, because it is so general and feels too much like a followed trend, which possibly came with the intensified usage of Home Office and maybe for other reasons.
Everybody feel free to correct me, but I just wanted to write this down. Again, this is still a nice writing @anamdiazs !

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Diego (Relatable Code)

Understanding programming memes DEFINITELY makes you a better dev.

Jokes aside I agree. Its mostly a combination of things. Becoming 1% better at anything will also make you a better developer. Soft skills or technicall skills are all encompassing in this.

svgatorapp profile image

Great tips to hand out to a beginner 🙌

chadwinjdeysel profile image
Chadwin Deysel

Great post. I'm glad that you mentioned the importance of rest. Burnout is a real danger to your productivity, mental health and overall abilities. I think more devs should start talking about this.

westernal profile image
Ali Navidi

Great article, thanks.

robencom profile image

I just love that dog!