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List of best third party services? (stripe,, chargebee, etc)

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I've been looking for a bit now for a list of the best services out there. I'm not talking about the best tools for dev management or best tools like IDEs, plugins, etc.

I'm looking for a list of the most awesome services one might need while building an app such as:

  • chargebee
  • auth0
  • stripe/ braintree
  • cloudinary

And so on. Does anyone know a great resource for this?

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It depends entirely on what you're trying to build. What language you're using. So on, but Twilio is a really nice and easy to use communication system, i've started to use it for a couple of projects.


Agree, that's why I think a big list would be really useful? E. g. what are the best tools for newsfeeds, what for push notifs, what for auth, etc?

Also, most of these third party services generally have SDKs for all major languages provided :) Keep the services coming, perhaps I'll create a list on GitHub.


The list of Heroku addons is a good place to start:

They list many services but the list is not exhaustive.

The various services offered by the main cloud companies is another.

I'm curious to try HoneyComb sooner or later because I think they are doing the right thing about observability.

Okta is another service I'd like to try.


I really love the interesting things you can build quickly with Algolia.

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