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Hello Friends!

Who is Andrew D’Armond?
A boy born in Alexandria, VA 🍼
A man raised in Houston, TX 🏡
A sports fanatic. 🏈
A data science enthusiast 💻
A music connoisseur 🎧
A world explorer 🌐

My Goals:

To find a job that allows me to practice, enhance, and sharpen my data science skills and programming knowledge. I am free to negotiate on salary, location, title, etc. I just want the chance to make this more than a hobby. I know that many of you are in the same position, so let’s stand up together and work for each other.

What you can do??
Please share my website with all social media.
It makes a difference because just one share creates an exponential growth to a whole network of connections. See “Neural Networks” postings online and you will see the ability in the science.

Leave Feedback
The key to anything is not to be stubborn and be accepting of new things and ideas. I must get any notes regardless of the length, detail, scope, etc. I welcome it!


Check it out here: https://www.andrewdarmond.com/

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