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I'm like am octopus with a sponge for a brain. When I started to learn coding basics(HTML, CSS, JS)I did it in a unique way. I heard about HTML editors first by my internet provider(gnn), they offered free web space for a website and I wanted to give it a try. I opened the HTML editor and eventually discovered you could manually edit the code. When I saw the code I was like no way(mind you this was back in the 90's). Thus began my journey.

I use NOTEPAD++ or ATOM to write code. As far as learning, hmmm, there are several ways to go, free learn coding sites, apps for Android/iPhone, even chatrooms for coding, etc. I'm learning coding on . For me I learn by doing, that works best for me.

A couple apps new to me are, and node.js . I also am interested in MongoDB and React. A few websites that may interest you are,,,, and

Happy Coding,
Prince Alarming


If is something I plan on using, youtube, maybe download a book, then try small examples of what I want to use it for. There's no trick really just like learning anything else.


Lots of Googling which at times can be overwhelming when you get back thousands of results.

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