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Tracking your project / GH todos...

If you're anything like me - especially after spending time learning new things on DEV every day πŸ˜„ - you end up with a number of tabs open, or bookmarks recorded, for interesting projects to look into, ideas for contributions you could make, or PRs you could send... it all soon adds up, and eventually, things get forgotten or fade, even though you would still be excited about them if you remembered!

How do you go about keeping track of all those "back of the mind" ideas you will come back to on a rainy day? (under quarantine, especially at weekends, a lot of days feel like the proverbial rainy days at the moment!)

I was thinking of maybe spinning up a private GH repo for myself to jot down ideas and links to the relevant other projects. Mind you, I could equally do that locally in a Markdown file... (on Friday night, I discovered this rather nice iOS-based way of managing a GH workflow using iaWriter and Working Copy); or, I could create myself a Trello board...

Just curious how others in the community manage their random plans for project contributions or personal project improvements!

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Andy Piper

Per a couple of Tweets, I am thinking of notes in md on GitHub, and using a GitHub project to manage major / in-flight tasks. Thoughts?