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deborahk profile image Deborah Kurata Updated on ・3 min read

I'm often asked for links to specific topics, and thought it useful to centralize the list in one location.

Here are a set of links to my talks, podcasts, and other external content, organized by topic. Links to my Pluralsight courses are listed in a separate section at the end.

RxJS in Angular

Ng-SriLanka "RxJS Terms, Tips, and Techniques" (December 2020)

Enterprise NG "RxJS Patterns in Angular" (November 2020)

DevReach 2.0 Day 4 Angular Relay (October 2020)

The Angular Show (Spotify) Episode #32 - "State Management pt. 4 - RxJS & Singleton Services" (September 2020)

Angular International Women's Day "RxJS Action and Data Streams: A Love Story" (August 2020)

ng-India "RxJS in Angular: Action and Data Streams" (August 2020)

Real Talk JavaScript Episode #91 - "Solving Common RxJS Scenarios in Angular with Deborah Kurata" (July 2020)

ngconf: Hardwired "Why Should You Care About RxJS Higher-order Mapping Operators?" (June 2020)

ng Malasia "Collect, Combine, and Cache RxJS Streams for User-Friendly Results" (August 2019)

ngconf "Data Composition with RxJS" (May 2019)

Adventures in Angular Episode #237 - "More on RxJS with Deborah Kurata" (April 2019)

Other Angular Topics

ngconf "N Things You Didn't Know About the Router" (April 2018)

ngconf "Module vs Module" (April 2017)

ngconf "It's Just a Textbox, What Could Go Wrong?: Angular 2 Forms and Validation" (May 2016)

Pluralsight Courses

Angular Courses

Angular: Getting Started

Angular: Reactive Forms

Angular Routing

RxJS in Angular: Reactive Development

Angular NgRx: Getting Started

Angular Component Communication

C# Courses

Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals in C#

C# Best Practices: Improving on the Basics

C# Best Practices: Collections and Generics

Defensive Coding in C#


All Hands on Tech "Andrew Yang and Deborah Kurata talk tech skills with Hank Green" (April 2020)


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Chandler Baskins

Love all your content, Deborah. You provide real value through your courses and talks. Can't wait for more RxJs content!