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[Pro Tip] How to analyze your Angular bundle

It's time for another Angular Knowledge Pill! 💊 It takes just 10 seconds to learn something new 🔥 Like taking your morning vitamins 😃

Imagine you are building an application with three modules:

  • main module,
  • records module (lazy loaded feature module),
  • settings module (lazy loaded feature module).

Now, you would like to know how much do those modules contribute to the whole application size! Using a webpack-bundle-analyzer it is more than easy! Take a look at how to analyze your application bundles below.

Alt Text

This will give you a very detailed overview of your application. You can see how much do the final JavaScript bundles weight and how their sizes refer to each other! The colored diagram below is constructed this way that the bigger the given rectangle the heavier the particular bundle!

Alt Text

Alt Text

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