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Voice Enable Pacman App with JavaScript using Alan AI (video)

Hello Everyone! In this video, I voice enable the PacMan App using Alan AI (

This is a great tutorial for those of you wishing to learn about how to invoke functions with voice commands using Alan AI

What you’ll learn:

  • Implementing Voice Commands into JavaScript Projects
  • Setting up SDK Keys
  • Understanding Scripts

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML and CSS is required.
  • Understanding of SDK/API Keys.

IMPORTANT: When working with Alan AI's SDK Keys, please hide your Key and do not publish onto GitHub or share on the internet. This project is for your own local use only and not to be published onto your GitHub with your Key visible to others. This is advise for your own benefit. You can hide your Key by converting this project to use packages such as .dotenv. For those of you interested, I will be releasing a video on how to do this soon.

Useful links:
Alan AI :
Start code:
Final code:
Deployed code with Alan Key kept safe:

Play Pacman AI Live here:

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For some free interactions please use Alan Studio Promo Code: ANIAKUBOW


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Nick Taylor

Super cool! Thanks for sharing Ania!

Hackerman from Kung Fury putting on a Nintendo Power glove

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Ania Kubow

thanks for sharing :D Im glad you liked the post