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Anima 4.0 is live - Transforming designs into Developer-friendly React code.

We’re excited to announce that Anima 4.0 is finally here

In 4.0 we’ve focused on bringing developers into the fold so that they can go straight from high fidelity designs to clean code they can actually work with.

In a nutshell, Anima has evolved into an end-to-end solution that transforms the design-development handoff into a continuous and integrated process. This means less grunt work, minimal iterations, less pixel-pushing, and more time to get creative.

Here are the game-changers in Anima 4.0:

For the first time, developers can cherry-pick elements and get runnable code!
Generate reusable, clean code components from any design element with CSS variables, and responsive Flexbox layout. Anima’s code has no dependencies and can be exported into HTML/JS/CSS and React.js.

Select any component to override Anima’s code and see your overrides rendered in real-time.

Go from design to realistic prototype faster using your design tools. Transform static screen designs to fully interactive code-based high-fidelity prototypes that act like the real deal (because they are).

Anima streamlines design and development collaboration by transforming the handoff into a continuous and integrated process.

Give Anima 4.0 a go, and as always, be sure to drop in any questions/feedback below so we can continue making Anima even better for you.

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Tomáš Roj

Sounds great 👍. Does Anima support Adobe XD? And what's the pricing?