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Tense - Time Processing Tool (Refactored)

Tense 1.0.0b release!

What's new?
aiotense -> tense

  • The project is completely redone and optimized for parsing.

By refactoring the project, we got a ~x22.31 speedup in processing complex strings (using smart_resolver).
-> Was: ~0.00095030...μs | Now: ~0.00004260...μs

And ~x38.28 speed up processing simple strings (using basic_resolver).
-> Was: ~0.00062400...μs | Now: ~0.00001630...μs

Documentation here:

Not familiar with the project yet?
tense - flexible time parsing tool.
Use existing functionality, create your own!

  • Create your own converters
  • Add your own units of time
  • Create your own parsers

Coming soon:

  • Add your aliases to the numbers!

Simple example:

from tense import TenseParser

time_string = "1d2minutes 5 sec"

digit_parser = TenseParser(TenseParser.DIGIT)
assert digit_parser.parse(time_string) == 86525
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For more information see GitHub page!

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