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Anirudh Rowjee
Anirudh Rowjee

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0 to 1100100 in Python - a series for beginners in Programming

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What is this?


0 to 1100100 in Python is a series of blog posts that I will be writing, to introduce beginners to the world of programming and the Python programming language.

My Vision for the series 👀

Anyone - I mean anyone, irrespective of prior programming experience - should be able to write a full Python program by the time they're done with this course.

Course Structure 🆕

Each post in the series will cover two to three topics in Python. The table of contents is given below.

Post Target Release Date
This Post Oct 7th, 2020
A Gentle Introduction to Programming Oct 11th 2020
Introduction to Python - Variables, Data Types and I/O Oct 15th 2020

(More on the way!)

What will each post consist of 📇?

Each post will have the following -

  1. An Introduction, and a list of all the topics covered
  2. Real-life use cases of the topics that are covered
  3. Each Topic, covered section-wise
  4. Some Helpful tips, and things to remember
  5. Assignments (before you run away, these will be simple, well-defined assignments. My aim is to make them as fun as possible.)

An emphasis will be placed on you writing more code than you will be reading - this is to ensure that you are capable of writing programs on your own.

Some other things you will learn 📖

You will learn how to

  1. Read technical documentation
  2. Become better at using Google to search for very specific answers
  3. Condense abstract questions into simple, concise targets.

Did I mention you won't be taught any of this? These are all skills that you will pick up along the way, all on your own!

Where will I run my code 💽 ?

For the convenience of all parties involved, you will be running all your code in the comfort of your own browser! There will be nothing that you need to install on your system, unless you want to - in which case, feel free. Not much will change.

I HIGHLY recommend using a desktop or a laptop to follow this course. In terms of mobile - tablets and smartphones will work, but it won't be easy. At all.

For a small taste of what we're going to be doing, I encourage you to do the following -

You can go two ways from here. This procedure will have to be followed for every single assignment.

  • If you want to keep track of your progress, you can
1. Go to [](, and create an account. Any provider will do. Then, make sure you are signed in
2. Come back to this post. Start typing in the REPL below, and type what you want.
3. In a few seconds, you'll see a message - "REPL Forked". Forking a REPL is akin to making a copy of the REPL that you can keep in your own account, but with the same base template. It prevents you from having to copy-paste.
4. Now, a copy of the template REPL is saved in your account! you can refer to it at any point, and you can start editing the code right there, and run it just the same.
  • If you don't want to keep track of your progress, feel free to edit the code right below. Your changes will not be saved, and you won't be able to keep track of your progress.

Once you're done making the changes that you want, press the LARGE GREEN PLAY BUTTON, (imagine some sound effect here) and watch your code run - run like the wind.

(For those of you wondering, REPL stands for Read, Edit and Print Loop)

When can I get started? Do I have to sign up 📝 ?

You can get started as soon as the first post comes out! There is no charge. No expenses. If enough people in the comments want to, I'll start a whatsapp group where everyone can discuss the course and everything. I'm open to alternative arrangements, and you can always send me an email.

Happy Coding! 💻

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