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How Fingerprint Works?


You use them not just to unlock your phone

But also your bank apps.

While they’re considered more secure than passwords,

They’re not invincible.

Researchers from New York University and Michigan State University have figured out how to unlock one-third of fingerprint-protected smartphones.

They created DeepMasterPrints using AI.

How does your phone’s fingerprint scanner work?

Your phone does not capture your entire fingerprint.

Many assume that after your smartphone asks for multiple fingerprints for training, it stitches them to form a complete fingerprint.

But it’s not the case.

It keeps them as separate images of partial fingerprints.

To unlock, your phone matches only the partial fingerprints.

Now these ‘DeepMasterPrints’ are like a master key that opens many locks.

This is a potential threat to many security systems.

But the team says that software developers can fix vulnerabilities identified and make it harder for an attack.

They’re also saying that big companies are approaching them to learn more about this cybersecurity risk.

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