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Does gender of the interviewer in a technical interview make any difference?

Ankita Singhal
still figuring out
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I have observed that there are a lot less female devs who conduct technical interviews compared to males.
Do you have a similar observation?

How do you feel about a female dev taking your interview?
Does it impress you? intimidate you? or it doesn't matter?
Does it make you take more or less interest in the whole interview process?

Would love to know your opinion about that :)

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András Tóth

It doesn't matter to me. It only happened to me once actually, ten years ago. She was a manager, not a developer. She was quite grumpy throughout the entire interview (or just I was very scared, it was the second real job interview I had :D), until I passed her requirements. But in reality, what matters is manners and the feeling someone wants to understand what do you know and that the process is right for the expertise. I.e. frontend devs won't excel at university sorting algorithms.

On the other hand I have interviewed some women (unfortunately not too many). I felt it was hard not to be helpful as we want to hire more women in tech but you don't want any bias to kick in: if you lower the bar you are mean to your current colleagues, if you raise higher the bar, you are mean to the candidate.

That's when a coding task really helps, or having take-home tests and having only the result presented (without any name or image of the candidate).

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Ankita Singhal Author

Thanks for taking time out to share your experience on this. I got this question while interviewing a candidate for a FE dev position.
As we don't usually have a lot of female devs and even lesser when it comes to interview.
I felt that a lot of people are indifferent to the gender, but some might prefer a specific gender when it comes to interviews. Maybe it eases them or makes them uncomfortable. This could go both ways and could apply to both genders.
so I was wondering if other people have had similar observation :)