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Python vs Javascript: Which is a better web programming language in 2020?

Web development has come a long way and has reached an advanced stage today. If your concern is to generate more business through a quality website, then this will be the first step towards communication between you and your visitors.

According to a recent web development stat, nearly 38% of your website visitors will stop engaging if your website content or layout is not attractive. So, this is one of the most crucial factors in gaining a maximum audience; you must make your website more engaging.

In today's business environment, there is a need to develop an excellent website to beat the competition. Professional website development is a great way to reinforce the personal recommendations of other customers.

Now, you must be thinking which language would be perfect for developing a website - Python or Javascript

Being a business if you are planning to choose one of these, then it is going to be difficult as both are very good. Both these languages ​​have extensive support for web frameworks and libraries.

This article will give you information for both these programming languages. Knowing the characteristics of these languages ​​contributes to more robust web applications and services to your customers. So let's get started!

What is JavaScript?

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JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting programming language that is mostly used in web pages. It runs on the client-side where it is used to program web pages.

It is used as a procedural, functional, or as an object-oriented programming language. Besides, it already established its reputation as a powerful scripting language used in the creation of websites.

In front-end development, three technologies are most commonly used: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. JavaScript is popular among programmers in web development because it is used as both front end and back end technology.

The JavaScript is used in the front end, and the Node.js framework is used in the back end. It is favorable for developers as they only need to study one language for both sides of the development.

Where is Javascript used?

There are many areas where JavaScript can be used. However, the most common use in creating web pages. As per the Stack overflow recent survey, Javascript is the most popular scripting language used by 69.7% of developers.

Javascript is majorly used for web applications and browsers. Moreover, this programming language is also used beyond software. Here are some basics for which language is used:

1. For making interactive web pages
The scripting language facilitates you to make the page interactive in ways that do not include forms.

For example adding animations, picture objects, or other such things to a page without the need to reload the entire page. You can also add responses to web pages that your visitors will take.

2.Game development
An exciting feature of JavaScript is that it can be used to create browser games.

What is Python?

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Python is one of the most popular high-level programming languages and the reason behind its popularity is the simple syntax. The purpose of developing this language was to write programs focusing on code readability.

It comes with a formatted syntax that is visually explicit. It has automatic memory management and supports object-oriented, functional, and procedural styles of coding.

Python is widely known for its simple syntax and readability. Furthermore, using the Django framework can minimize development time and effort. The framework is popular among Python Developers as it encourages smaller and cleaner codes.

The versatile nature of Python compares it to every other language. A well established Python development company in India can help you succeed in using this language.

What is Python exactly used for?

Python is used not only to build the software, but it can also be used for scripting purposes just like JavaScript.

As per the Python Software Foundation, Python language serves two general purposes. It can be used for entire software development, but due to its easy learning, object-oriented syntax, Python also makes an ideal "scripting language to link existing components together".

Does it sound like javascript? Even though it is not a bonafide scripting language, Python can be used for script functions like JavaScript- a scripting language can be used for more general-purpose programming tasks.

The Rising Demand For Python and Javascript

As per the StackOverflow data for 2019, JavaScript is maintaining the topmost spot for seven years, while Python secures the second place.

The fourth industrial revolution brings accelerated development in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and IoT. And this gives IT professionals an added benefit in terms of employment availability.

In the US, the average salary of a Python developer is around $116K, while a JavaScript developer makes around $110K per year according to Stackoverflow 2019 data.

Does python replace Javascript in 2020?

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This question must be crossing across your mind and are obsessed with it. Let's check out!

Seeing the popularity of Python, it can be interpreted that it would overshadow JavaScript in 2020. Programming languages ​​are evolving drastically and making the cutting edge competition.

We cannot deny the fact that choosing the right programming language can make or break the complete project.

JavaScript and Python are two most widely used programming languages for web development. It is quite evident and visible how JavaScript is ruling all other programming languages.

But who will win the race in the coming few years? Knowing the answer to this question would help you to invest in a programming language and further provide your business with a competitive edge.

Python comes with many advantages ranging from a web application to data analysis. It can be used for complex websites such as YouTube or Instagram. Besides, it can be even in cloud computing projects. Basically, it is used everywhere.

Results of the Stackoverflow Developer Survey in 2019 showed that Python is increasing in popularity.

Since then, this programming language has maintained its lead. In only five years, Python has shown significant growth. Therefore, what is interesting to note is the future traffic for major programming languages.

Stack Overflow recently released its forecasting model indicating its future traffic. This model indicated that Python would remain in the lead against JavaScript until 2020.

Can Python soon Outstrip other programming languages?

All of these trends indicate that Python is currently very popular and that popularity does not seem to slow down over time. But are you surprised to find out what makes Python so great? Here are some of the reasons for Python's incredible performance that takes it further than others.

Python is Easy

One of the core reasons developers heavily use Python is because of its simple nature. Nobody goes for complicated things. That is why Python is winning over.

The easily readable and straightforward syntax is the reason why developers around the world prefer it. Python is an exceptionally proficient language. It helps developers get the job done in fewer lines of code.

Has an active community

A programming language that lacks documentation and developer support can negatively affect the program's popularity. Python does not have any of these problems.

It has been in the market for decades, and this provided it sufficient time to form a supportive community. In addition to this, the developer community is of Python is active.

As a result, anyone who needs some kind of support can quickly get it on time. Not only this, but there are also enough resources available online that allow anyone to gain knowledge of this programming language.

From official documentation, guides to YouTube tutorials, Python language is elementary to learn to use.

Comprises of many libraries

When you are working on complicated projects, libraries can help you achieve the task with less time. This is another reason why developers prefer Python because it has many libraries and frameworks.

But why are libraries in demand? Having multiple libraries means that you have numerous routines of frequently used tasks. It saves time and provides cross-platform support, which is a huge benefit.

Some of the well-known libraries of Python are NumPy and SciPy for scientific computing, Django for web development, and so on.

Third-Party Modules

The Python Package Index (PyPI) comprises various third-party modules that let Python interact with other languages ​​and platforms with great ease.

Increased Speed and Productivity

Python has a clean object-oriented design, providing enhanced process control capabilities. In addition, it possesses strong integration and text processing capabilities. All this leads to enhanced speed and productivity.

So, by now, you know which one to select when it comes to Python vs JavaScript for web development.


JavaScript and Python are considered as industry-strength technologies used for web application development. JavaScript is the most popular programming language currently, Python may soon overtake this title based on its incredible growth rate by 2020.

However, this will hardly affect the relative popularity of these two languages ​​and will not specify which of these is the better language.

This choice is entirely subjective and may depend on many factors. So, keeping both these languages in mind, you can develop a website using a language that is more suitable for you by contacting a top Web development company in India. They will provide you with the best solutions as per your project requirements and help you to gain a competitive edge.

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The growth of web applications is pretty strong and the trend is all set to continue for the next few years.The best part of web application is enterprises can deliver amazing user experience across any devices as the software runs only on the client servers. We at Hakuna Matata Solutions is an experienced web application development company that has been helping companies achieve their full potential in their respective field.

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