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How to Deploy Laravel Website on Cloud Server?

One of the most well-known PHP frameworks is Laravel, and PHP is a highly developed programming language that powers thousands of websites and applications.

Besides Laravel, numerous PHP frameworks, like Symfony, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, and others, have important technicalities.
Laravel, however, is unmatched.

Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and with over 62k stars, it is currently among the most popular GitHub repositories.
I will discuss Laravel, why it is so well-liked, and some of the most delicate Laravel hosting features for you in this article.

Laravel Description

The PHP framework Laravel provides resources and tools for creating cutting-edge PHP applications. In recent years, Laravel's popularity has rapidly increased. Thanks to a robust ecosystem leveraging its built-in capabilities and a variety of compatible packages and extensions, many developers use it as their framework for a streamlined development process.

Eloquent, a powerful database tool included with Laravel, has built-in capabilities for creating database migrations and seeders and an ORM (Object Relational Mapper). With the help of the command-line tool Artisan, developers can quickly bootstrap new models, controllers, and other application components.

Laravel Hosting on Devrims Managed Cloud Hosting

Devrims is a top-tier managed hosting solution created with leading technology in the market that offers unmatched security and excellent performance while taking the complexity out of web hosting so that you can concentrate on your primary line of work. This hosting platform is excellent for expanding digital agency and eCommerce businesses since it offers first-rate 24/7 support.

With just one click, you can easily install Laravel on your blazing-fast dedicated cloud servers, and all of the server management, configuration, and technical aspects are taken care of for you.

Features provided by Devrims Managed Cloud Hosting

Devrims hosting providers offer numerous helpful features, some of which are listed below.

99.9% Uptime: This ensures that your visitors always have the most satisfactory uptime and website performance.

Easy server management: In addition to having almost everything set up for you with a single click, they will help you with anything about hosting, server upkeep, etc.

Dedicated Resources: Devrims is the enabler for your project's hosting requirements, and it is equipped with all the resources necessary to empower and complete even the most difficult of them.

Backup: Devrims offers on-site and off-site data backup services and comprehensive disaster recovery solutions since they understand the value of your data.

Super-Fast SSD Storage: You may be sure that you will receive the quickest load speeds and I/O rates in the industry, thanks to their cutting-edge SSD Cloud storage.

Robust Optimization: In contrast to other service providers, they have created tech stacks that are lightweight, use the fewest resources possible, and deliver excellent results.

Advanced Cache: You are free to use Memcache or Redis instead of being required to use a particular cache provider.

Free SSL: Devrims offers a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate that can be installed with only one click on your domains.

Secure SSH/SFTP: Secure SSH/SFTP enables you to specify individual access control policies that ensure that only people with the proper authorization can access your projects.

Unlimited Domain Names and Applications: Do you use a single server to host several domains? No problem, you are free to host as many domains on your server as you like. You must have the opportunity to run as many programs as you like on a single server since you are endless.

Multiple Databases: They have made their platform versatile so you can quickly set up multiple databases on a single server.

Real-Time Monitoring: You can track and examine how your computing resources, such as bandwidth and RAM usage, are being used in real-time from your user dashboard.

With Devrim's top cloud infrastructure providers built for effectively hosting Laravel apps with no downtime and lightning-fast SSD storage, you can be confident that you will always get the cutting-edge performance you and your projects deserve. One-click app deployments, lightning-fast cloud servers, lightweight tech stacks, and round-the-clock support enable you to concentrate on your company's goals and objectives rather than worrying about managing everything.

Wrap Up

The Laravel framework is a powerful tool in your development techniques because of its complex syntax and model-view-controller structure.

Not every web hosting company or plan type will be able to benefit from using the Laravel framework. Outline your goals in detail first, then choose the hosting web package that best satisfies them.

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