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Countdown To #30DaysOfCommits

A week back, I posted about my personal challenge to get 1 commit in every day for 30 days (starting on July 1st) and almost as an afterthought, I asked others to come join me.

I don't have solid numbers but my DevsWhoDev Discord server gained 60+ members, all eager to talk about the challenge and all eager to get started. Indeed, some already have!

If you'd like to join, you're welcome to join our discord where we talk about the challenge, share our progress, and ask for help.

Mission Statement / Goal

I'm not one on mission statements, I suck at wording things right so you're welcome to comment on how to improve it but:

30 Days of Commits is a voluntary event during which you try to keep up a 30 day streak of commits - to any project, any endeavor you want to. Since it takes place during July which has 31 days, you have an extra day to take off whenever!

This isn't something to stress out about, you don't have to do it. You don't have to keep up 30 days. You are also more than welcome to skip weekends, or come up with your personal make-up policy. I started this as a personal challenge so if you take it up, make sure to do it within your own comfort zone :)


Let's look at valuable tools you can use for managing your streak, letting others know what you're doing, and to keep focus!


Makerlog is kind of like Twitter but for your side projects, products, etc. It keeps track of streaks and can post your commit messages from a Github project automatically.


Habitica is a gamified Habit-tracker.

What's cool is that not only can you setup regular Todos, you can also setup daily tasks (such as pushing a commit!).


One of my favorite Todo management applications. I highly recommend it as it can be a huge productivity tool.

Project Ideas?

Struggling to find project ideas? That has come up a few times so I have a few resources for that:

I recently listened to an Indie Hackers podcast episode with Adam Wathan and I'd love to quote him but the transcript isn't available yet so, his words in my own words:

It's better to start building a mediocre idea than to try to come up with the best idea. Don't waste time brainstorming, build a product and the ideas will come on their own.

So don't get too bogged down trying to find the perfect project. And by the way, the rules don't say you can't switch projects mid-way through!

Follow along!

Join the discord or just follow the #30DaysOfCommits hashtag. You can also follow me on Twitter. I'll try to tweet out my personal progress as well as share some of the progress others have made.

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