I'm starting 30 days of commits in July, who'd like to join me?

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I decided to start 30 days of commits in July and I'd like to others to join me. If you're up for it, come join the discord server that I've made and am using for this event.

What is it?

30 days of commits is the idea of spending 30 days working on a side project and trying to fit at least one commit a day into the project.


It's really easy to fall off the wagon working on a side project you really like. That's what happens to me. Events like these, community, and being able to share my progress, keeps me working on the stuff I like to work on but often get distracted.

What's the goal?

That's up to you! I'm on the fence between:

  1. working on a photo manager application I started working on back in 2018 during "The Shippening"
  2. PICO8 game development - I've got a couple of small working projects.

My goal is to just work on these, make some kind of progress.

Come join us!


Looks like this caught a good deal of popularity. The server community decided to use the hashtag #30DaysOfCommits to use on Twitter if you want to follow along there! :)

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Just the motivation I needed to get back to a project. I'm in!


This is a great idea! Consistency is key, and I definitely need that for one of my projects right now. I'm in.


I want to get good with "go" programming. I need to put deliberate effort that keeps me 'go'ing. please count me in.


You know what, I might join in too !


I'm down. I've been looking for an excuse to learn something new.


Not sure what I shall work on, but this may be a good opportunity to refocus on a few things. Joining in :)


I might take part in this. Last few months I've been working on a Markdown powered micro-CMS in PHP and it might be beneficial to have some structure to my work on that.


this one is easy, the hard challenge will be 30 days of no commits


easy-peasy. Unless you count commits for work which could potentially cost me my employement 😂


No, I don't count those, but still, outside of work, I don't think I ever managed , in my life, to stay off code, for more than a week :D


Would love to join, but i would need a project to work on 😅


join anyways and maybe you can figure out a project along the way! =D


I'm in, since I'm working on my CS thesis this challenge comes handy to me.


I'm in. I have two projects I want to work on, one with React and another with OpenCV. Thanks for starting this!


I think this is an awesome idea! I love the idea of working on a single project!

I joined the Discord! 👋


Just started on another Cards Against Humanity app. I'm in!🙌