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Sharing our open-source Engineering Effectiveness Handbook

Hi 👋 !

tldr: we wrote a handbook on how to make engineering teams more effective

We're former engineering leaders at Box, Google and Checkr and co-founders of a startup in the engineering effectiveness / productivity domain.

Engineering effectiveness is about building metrics to detect common blockers like:

  • having too many meetings
  • interruptions to your flow (pages, incidents, Slack)
  • very long code reviews
  • slow tooling / slow feedback loops

After talking to and working with hundreds of engineers, we realized that while many team leaders want to build efficient teams, it's hard to know where to start.

It's also important to avoid building any sort of surveillance tool in the process - metrics should focus on the developer experience.

We wrote an open-source handbook to answer all those questions, with a focus on practical, actionable advice on how to build highly effective engineering teams.

This first version covers topics such as how to manage your team's time, how to remove blockers in the software development life cycle, and how to get ahead of burn-out signals like on-call pages.

We are welcoming contributions and feedback!

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