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Antonio Ortiz Pola
Antonio Ortiz Pola

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Hello world/Who am i?

You can find me mainly here in and stackoverflow or LinkedIn.

I have also just started a video series about systems architecture!!! (only in Spanish for now).

My main language is Spanish, but i want to practice my English, so I apologize if I make some mistakes writing this, if you find any, you can tell me in the comments so I can amend it.

Some more history

My name is Antonio Ortiz Pola, a computer enthusiast since the 00’s, graduated from “Tecnológico de Morelia” as computational systems engineer. Since then I have been able to participate in several projects as developer and architect.

My motivation for this blog is to return some of the knowledge I have been able to acquire through the years. My origins are humble, but thanks to something as simple as a computer and an Internet connection, my life has changed forever, not only as a window to other worlds and people, but to the way it has contributed to my knowledge base and skills development.

I have always loved sharing knowledge, even as a OSUM Leader (Open Source University Meetup), a Sun initiative to spread open source usage and community. Sadly, Sun was experiencing bad times as it was preparing to be bought by oracle, so the initiative was killed.

Thanks to all the people who take the time to write posts, answer questions, writing books, and almost everything for free, just for sharing. I know I am lucky to live in a world where the open source exists, I love the culture of sharing building blocks of “things”, like Legos, many libraries have been working as building blocks for the software I make.

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