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Maria Antonella 🦋
Maria Antonella 🦋

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🌟 Be the person you needed when you started in the IT world 🌟

Let's talk about mentors ✨

I think the figure of a mentor in our lives and when we start our careers in the IT world, is very important.⭐

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” - Bob Proctor ✨

In my first job, where I was a functional analyst, I didn't have any person by my side to be my mentor, guide or someone to teach me.

Honestly, I felt lost, scared and with a lot of uncertainties that many times I didn't solve because I didn't have anyone to talk to. I learned a lot but I felt alone and full of fears. I didn't feel confident in myself 👾

Until then, I didn't know what it was to have a mentor or what it could be. I didn't know of their existence. Until one day I changed my job, my place and also my tasks. I started my way as a developer. And the first day I was assigned someone to accompany me during my process as a trainee.

I don't think a mentor is a teacher or a friend. It is that person who may even work with you in the future. A colleague. A team worker, maybe.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey 🌟

Finding a good mentor early on the learning process can help build confidence. In ourselves but also in our professional future.

🌟 A mentor is not only someone who accompanies us on our professional or learning path. In addition to helping us avoid getting stuck technically and helping us to go step by step following the procedures, it is also someone who is interested in helping beginners move forward.

🌟 Some of us, worried about our future, ask our mentors how much we are going to earn. If we have possibilities to travel and even live abroad. With our insecurities, we also worry if we are going to be able to keep up with the rest of the people working on the same technologies.

🌟 I was lucky to meet someone very good and genius, and I dedicate this post to him. Hopefully everyone can find someone to be a guidance in this long way.

Mentoring builds confidence, both individually and as a group. It is a light in the darkness of the road, especially in unbalanced and hostile environments such as the technology sector.

🌟 I wish we were all mentors and help those who are starting out in this world. The word mentor always reminds me of this phrase that accompanies me every day:

🌟 Be the person you needed when you started in the IT world

Tell me, would you like to be a mentor?

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socr102 profile image

I appreciate it
When I started the IT first, frankly I didn't feel confident in myself :(
But I met the one person and now he taught me to go the right way
So I think the mentor is very important for the beginner and I want to be one as him
Thank you for your post

antoomartini profile image
Maria Antonella 🦋

I think the same as you! Hopefully everyone had the chance to have a mentor. Thank you for telling your experience :)

socr102 profile image

Could you introduce about your mentor ?
I am very interersting in your mentor and you
I hope we know each other
thank you

sinewalker profile image
Mike Lockhart • Edited

This is the kind of meta-mentorship that I was hoping to read when I clicked the headline, thank you. I've been a mentor a few times in my career, and each time I felt a lot of impostor syndrome - who am I to be guiding this person? They know more than I do!
But the feedback I've had is that it is the support, encouragement, and experience in figuring things out that is appreciated, more than what I actually know myself.
So I encourage people reading this to seek Mentees out and be a humble guide.

nombrekeff profile image

Great message! And yes, I totally want to and try to be one.

I did not have a proper mentor when starting out, my mentor where youtube videos and long soulless docs. So nowadays I try to remember the struggles I went through and try to make it easier for beginners, trying to be "the person I needed when I started". I try to do it both on the internet and in the real world.

billyndirangu profile image

I would appreciate this kind of help, it gets tough at times. especially as a self taught.💔

antoomartini profile image
Maria Antonella 🦋

I hope you find someone who makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself :) Anyway, you can do everything you propose, we are here to help each other!

marekdano profile image
Marek Dano

I recommend to check for mentors