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Some soft skills that we should keep in mind and remember often ✨

Some things I learned and some things I am still learning. Once my mentor told me that soft skills are very important, and before programmers, we are people, we are humans. So it's good to remember these tips often.

✨ Ask dummy questions.

There are a million technologies. And you're not expected to know them all, so ask! [I don't understand what these words mean" From what source can I read about this? Remember there are no dummy questions, only fools who don't ask.

✨ Be kind

The IT world is full of hostile opinions and we all want the best results. That is not why you have to become an unpleasant and arrogant person. Radiate kindness. You're going to go far.

✨ Take advantage of what other people are doing

Look for existing solutions before starting a task. Understand the coding paradigms used. Look at your team's code. Present your solution in the best way.

✨ Fight for diversity

It is important the participation of women in IT an Tech. It's vital to add diversity and a new perspective in the area. Encourage the participation of diversity in your team. This makes the technology more reliable and not reflect only the world and the view from men.

✨ Do the right thing

Code is art. And you are the artist, of course! Every task is an opportunity to write beautiful and elegant code. Take the opportunity and become a professional. Take pride in your work, don't just make it work. Make it work the best way you can.

✨ Find your way, fight for yourself

Some tasks have a big impact on job advancement or promotions. Others not so much. You have to do your best at both. But your day should start with the high-impact task. Fight for yourself, make yourself grow, no one else will do it for you.

✨ Look for critics in your code.

Make code review. Review your code as much as possible, the more constructive feedback you get, the faster you will learn and grow.

✨ Put your ego aside

Your colleagues are unique and talented, with experiences and super smart.
Be empathetic, be open-minded, learn from your team, even when they are wrong.

✨ Take initiative

Look for opportunities to improve process and experience development of your team and project. Improve documentation, learn from your mentors and teach others. Be a mentor too! Become the person you wanted to have as a mentor when you started as a junior.

✨ Throw yourself into the fire

We will never be ready to work on large projects or new features, deploy in production, manage implementations... the best way to prepare for them is to do them!
You will expand your comfort zone. And you'll grow a lot!

✨ Intention, always intention.

It doesn't matter if you spent 4 hours to solve something and you did it wrong. Maybe it takes so much time! Delete and start again. And again.
Make sure that behind every line of code there is purpose, intention and clarity.

What other advice would you give? :)

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