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50 Top Data Science Project Ideas for Beginners and Experts

Data Science continues to thrive as one of the most promising and happening career options of this generation. The demand for skilled Data Scientists has shown no signs of slowing down yet and will be the same for many more years to come.

Your experience of working on real-time projects plays the most crucial role in making you a skilled Data Scientist. Unless and until you don't lay your hands on some really great real-time projects, you won't be able to be a skilled Data Scientist.

A perfect gift for all the Data Science aspirants

Keeping the same in mind, I have come up with some really amazing Data Science project ideas that will surely ease your way through towards your dream of becoming a Data Scientist.

  1. Chatbot
  2. Analyzing the impact of climate change on global food supply
  3. Weather Prediction
  4. Keyword generation for google ads
  5. Traffic Signs Recognition
  6. Wine Quality Analysis
  7. Stock Market Prediction
  8. Fake News Detection
  9. Video Classification
  10. Human Action Recognition
  11. Medical Report Generation using CT Scans
  12. Email Classification
  13. Uber Data Analysis
  14. Sound Classification
  15. Credit Card Fraud Detection
  16. Sign Language Recognition
  17. Class of Flower Prediction
  18. Color Detection
  19. Loan Prediction
  20. Road Traffic Prediction
  21. Income Classification
  22. Speech Emotion Recognition
  23. Celebrity Voice Prediction
  24. Store Sales Prediction
  25. Detecting Parkinson's Disease
  26. Air Pollution Prediction
  27. Age and Gender Detection
  28. Optimizing Product Price 
  29. IMDB Predictions
  30. Handwritten Digit Recognition
  31. Quora Insincere Questions Classification
  32. Driver Drowsiness Detection 
  33. Web Traffic Time Series Forecasting
  34. Survival Prediction on the Titanic
  35. Time Series Modelling
  36. Image Caption Generator
  37. Insurance Purchase Prediction
  38. Crime Analysis
  39. Customer Segmentation
  40. Taxi Trip Time Prediction
  41. Job Recommendation System
  42. Boston Housing Predictions
  43. Sentiment Analysis
  44. Interest Level in Rental Properties
  45. Keyword generation for Google Ads
  46. Breast Cancer Classification
  47. Employee Computer Access Needs
  48. Tweets Classification
  49. Movie Recommendation System
  50. Product Price Suggestions

So, What next?
Once you're done with these projects, its time for you to prepare for the next step - the final step. The ultimate step towards your Data Science dream is clearing the interview. Because an interview is not the test of your knowledge but is the test of your ability to use it at the right time.

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