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Top 16 DevOps blogs you should be reading

The software development process has changed a lot over the last 5 years. DevOps engineers have taken over the world, they drive change in IT culture, focusing on rapid IT service delivery. Continuous deployment and infrastructure improvements through the adoption of agile. They create collaboration between development, operations and testing. But as it is something relatively new, there are always things that you can learn and improve! And today’s article is about top 16 DevOps blogs that we definitely recommend to read.

DevOps teams see significantly higher performance number over their traditional deployment counterparts. In the 2017 State of DevOps report, Puppet found that high-performing DevOps teams had:

  • 46 times more frequent code deployments
  • 440 times faster lead time from commit to deploy
  • 96 times faster mean time to recover from downtime
  • 5 times lower change failure rate

And good DevOps engineers read, learn, and deploy new ideas constantly. Nowadays you can find a lot of information about DevOps, however, you are never sure if it is good or not. Our today’s list includes some of the most popular, useful and interesting DevOps blogs we could find. Actually, we follow them and highlight interesting info on a regular basis. And it doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out in the industry or you have experience, these blogs are relevant to every person, who is interested in DevOps.


Top 16 DevOps blogs you should be reading


1. Atlassian DevOps blog

If you’re a fan of Atlassian products – JIRA, Bitbucket, Confluence, Bamboo, Trello, etc., then you’re going to love this blog. They tackle important topics that covers the whole DevOps ecosystem from IT management to compliance standards. There you may find topics like: how to choose the right DevOps tools, how to build DevOps culture, DevOps tips, etc.


2.DevOps Cube

DevOps Cube is one of the best DevOps blogs available online. It is blog full of great tutorials, tips, examples and trends. Also, you will find articles related to best DevOps tools, like: Docker, Jenkins, Google Cloud and more. And these articles are as for beginners as for experiences DevOps engineers. is like the front page of the DevOps community. It is strictly about DevOps. You’ll find all types of commentary on the DevOps ecosystem, including news, product reviews, opinion pieces, strategies, best practices, case studies, events and insights from the Pros. They also publish a weekly podcast called DevOps Chat hosted by legendary IT Pro Alan Shimel.

If you want to go deep into the weeds, has the resources for you to do it. They host several webinars a month that covers specific DevOps tactics and strategies like “Automating Deployment for Enterprise Level Businesses” and “Setting up a Private Cloud”. They also have a huge repository of ebooks and PDFs for you to download.


4. Docker Blog

Docker is a popular container tool that regularly updates their blog with valuable goodies for DevOps Pros. Almost all the information on the blog is product-specific, so it’s especially valuable for anyone who uses Docker.


5. DZone DevOps

DZone is a tech site and education hub with loads of IT & Agile information. They publish several articles a day on across multiple “Zones” like DevOps, Cloud, Java, Mobile, IOT, etc. Their DevOps section has a lot of very useful resources and you may find famous DevOps engineers among the authors. In this section, you can find theoretical to practical implementations of tools and practices from different industry verticals. It basically has everything you need if you are in the DevOps world.


6. Apiumhub blog

Fast growing tech blog, which have different sections. There you may find information about automation techniques, DevOps tools, Jenkins, Docker, Continuous integration and many more. They have DevOps experts in their team and they regularly post articles based on their experience.


7.  IT Revolution

A very good blog where you can basically find any kind of information related to DevOps: events, projects, tips, news, community, etc. 


8. Infoworld

Network World is an online magazine that covers data, networks, cloud computing and many more. They have a lot of interesting articles related to DevOps. This blog will keep you up to date with the latest industry news and takes you deep into the weeds with technical how-tos and recommendations.


9.  Pivotal DevOps

A great destination if you’re just starting to explore the world of DevOps. They have easy-to-read guides for several high-level topics such as DevOps, agile, and containers.


10. The Register DevOps

One of the main topics i The Register blog is DevOps, so there is plenty of useful material to check out every day.


11. Stackify DevOps

The blog is perfect for developers who want to learn more about .NET, Application Performance Monitoring, DevOps, and running a more agile business. It also covers career advice for DevOps engineers, software developers, CIOs and CTOs.


12. The agile admin

The agile admin blog is a very good choice when it comes to the DevOps world. All their blog is about DevOps and they have practically everything needed to become a DevOps professional.


13. DevOs guys

The DevOps Guys blog is all about DevOps culture and everything surrounding it. The blog is run by Steve Thair – the Ops guy and James Smith – The Dev guy and together they create very interesting posts. This blog is fun and it understands the ever changing culture and industry of DevOps. There’s a lot of emphases out there on the mechanics of DevOps, whether it be tools or best practices.


14. The XebiaLabs DevOps

The XebiaLabs Blog is built around industry thought leaders and their discussions about what is happening in the Continuous Delivery and DevOps world. Posting a ton of content every week this is a blog where you can find in-depth technical discussions and ongoing blog series about DevOps. These authors discuss tough questions and bring up interesting points that will keep you thinking for days.


15. TechTarget Devops

Devops section of TechTarget has a curated list of blog posts related to DevOps. There you may find articles written by DevOps experts around the globe.


16. BMC DevOps Blog

The blog site offers a wide range of high-quality articles varying in tone from informational to cutting-edge, with a special emphasis on the enterprise side of the business. Some key topics covered here are continuous delivery & deployment, everything as code, internet of things, containerization, and best practices.


I hope you found these blogs useful! If you know others that deserve to be on this list, feel free to share them in the comments section below!


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