Muxer, looking for #hacktoberfest contributors

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Muxer is always looking for contributors. It's an open-source events aggregator build using React and Python. Everyone is welcome to contribute and we have lots of first timer issues for #hacktoberfest. Although if you don't see something you like and can think of an improvement, code, documentation, feature, or something else we are open to all ideas and incorporate almost all issues / PRs.

There are a range ofissues labeled with #hacktoberfest for React, Flask, and more. At present, Muxer is localized to Belfast but we more to allow every city to list events on Muxer, or even host their own.

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of course; any improvements are welcome. Any refactoring that makes the core easier to read and understand is always welcome.

Documentation, Tests, Ideas (Bugs and Features Issues) are also all welcome :)

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