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Web Design Inspiration and Ideas: 30 Best Resources | 2021

Websites and applications building is creative work, and inspiration is one of the main tools of a web designer. But where to get it, especially for those who are just starting to master the profession?

We have compiled a selection of resources where beginners and experienced web designers can find examples of the best work: landing pages, multi-page sites, web, and mobile applications. You will be able to see examples of the best designs, share experiences, get advice from professionals, as well as post your portfolio and find clients.

AWWWARDS: web designers, developers, and agencies from all over the world present their work and the authors of the best ones get awards. over 3000 e-commerce sites with the ability to filter by platform, category, technology, and traffic.
Land-book: many examples of landing pages, portfolios, blogs with a convenient search by tags.
99designs’ Discover: you can see examples of work, find clients, participate in contests and non-commercial projects
SiteInspire: a collection of over 8,000 examples of web design and interactive design.
Lapa Ninja: landing page examples, free tutorials, templates, illustrations, and UI kits.
Mediaqueri: examples of responsive design, useful when creating layouts.
Houseofbuttons: a site dedicated to the design of buttons.
Sitesee: gallery of the best modern sites created by professionals from different countries with convenient filtering by topic.
One Page Love: a showcase of one-page sites for different areas of business, dozens of templates, including free ones.
Mobbin: library with over 50,000 searchable mobile screenshots
Behance: the base of the designers' portfolio in various fields, you can find inspiration and place your portfolio as well.
Colourlovers: palettes and examples of color combinations.
Dribbble: a platform where you draw inspiration, share experiences and receive feedback from professional web designers.
Graphiclovedesign & Osasto Tumblr blogs with graphic design samples.
CollectUI: a daily updated archive of Dribbble-based user interface examples.
Siiimple: examples of minimalistic web design.
Creative Bloq: a platform with work samples and news for UX designers, illustrators, 3D and VFX artists.
Good Web Design: a high-quality selection of sites with a convenient search by tags, here you can also apply and post your work.
Best Website Gallery: a collection of sites that has been regularly updated since 2008, there is filtering by frameworks, styles, CMS, and color schemes.
Inspired UI: selection of design screenshots for Android, iPhone, and iPad.
Hover States: an archive of custom web projects that experiment with design, interactivity, and content.
Iconfinder: one of the world's largest databases of icons and illustrations.
Designmadeingermany: author's collections of sites of different styles and themes.
Designspiration: websites, landing pages, 3D, UI / UX, mobile design, interface elements, and much more.
The Best Designs: a selection of websites for those who love a balanced, minimalistic design.
Screenlane: examples of high-quality landing pages, mobile and web applications for different platforms.
Landingfolio: a selection of landing pages for inspiration, a collection of templates, and UI elements.
Pttrns: library of mobile UI templates for iOS and Android. plugin for Google Chrome (desktop and mobile) with collections of ideas and news collected from different platforms.
Look for inspiration, learn from the best, and don't be afraid to experiment! And when the time comes to create your application, we will be there to help you bring your ideas to life!

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