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Developer Dilemmas are Coming Online Soon

m_maksimovic_ profile image Milica Maksimovic Originally published at blog.appsignal.com ・1 min read

Last year, we launched a fun card game for developers - "Developer Dilemmas". The goal was to help developers at RailsConf to have a conversation ender starter while they were sitting together at a big round table with people they did not know.

People loved them, and we've been handing them out at conferences and to customers around the world ever since. All the cards are language-agnostic, which enables diverse teams to discuss things all members can relate to 🎉

Developer Dilemmas

This year's RailsConf is the couch edition, and we wanted to enable teams to still have fun while being remote. So, during the cooldown period between projects, Wes and Robert got together and built this: an online version of Developer Dilemmas for all your remote Friday afternoon fun and fights.

We're planning to launch the game next week, and would love for you to check out the preview on Product Hunt. If you subscribe now, you'll receive a notification once we go live!

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