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Introducing: The Appwrite Gang of Four (and new ways to get swags)

We're happy to introduce you to the new Appwrite gang of four (yeh, like the book, but not really), a set of four TODO example applications built using all popular JS frameworks, including React, Vue, Angular and Svelte. The new examples are designed to demonstrate how you can utilize Appwrite in your favorite set of technologies.

At Appwrite, we believe backend as a service should be as simple and most intuitive to use. Following that believe we designed the new examples to be as simple and straightforward but still give you an excellent idea of how to start using Appwrite and scale and grow with it.

New to Appwrite?

Appwrite is an open-source, end-to-end development platform designed to abstract the most complex and repetitive processes involved in building a modern app. Appwrite is a self-hosted solution you can host on any infrastructure and provides you all the core APIs and tools required to create any persistent modern application. You can learn more on our website or Github repository.

Go and Test Our New Demos!

All the new demos are already available on Github and offer a one-click-deployment setup to your favorite hosting service, including Vercel, Netlify, and DigitalOcean.

💙 React TODO:
💚 Vue TODO:
❤️ Angular TODO:
🧡 Svelte TODO:

We Have Some Hidden Swags Waiting For You!

Our access credentials were recently "compromised", and someone tried to ruin our new and shiny demos 😉. They decided to leave behind 15 easter eggs 🥚 for you to discover. If you find them, submit a PR cleaning up that section of the code to claim some cool Appwrite Swag 🤩 (One PR per person across all the repos). You can track the number of claimed Easter Eggs using the badge at the top.

What’s Next?

You can learn more about the different Appwrite features or check out some of our latest Feature Spotlights:

If you’re new to Appwrite, you can try and install it. It will take you only 2.5 minutes. After you got yourself a copy of the Appwrite server, you can check some of our getting started guides for Web, Flutter, or Server, and visit our Discord community where we chat about Appwrite non-stop.

We really love our Github Stargazers 🤩. If you like what we're doing, head over to our Github repo and drop us a ⭐️

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aadarshadhakalg profile image
Aadarsha Dhakal

Fixed one-one across all repo. Now waiting for my swags. ;)

hamatoyogi profile image
Yoav Ganbar

Great stuff Elad! 👌🏽🤘🏽

eldadfux profile image
Eldad A. Fux


tabuz profile image

Fixed little easter egg in Vue repo ;)