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Yarn 🎊 Hacktoberfest

As you may know, every October the dev community at large starts an event called Hacktoberfest. The idea is simple: a whole month specially designed to help onboard people with little to no prior experience contributing to open-source codebases. In return, you get t-shirts, a valuable experience, and maybe will find a community you'll want to be a part of. Win-win!

October is almost there, so it's a good time to think: what are some interesting tasks you could tackle? Not too hard but still impactful? I happen to lead the work on Yarn, the famous JavaScript package manager, and I can tell you: we have a bit of everything! Whether you prefer frontend work or brain teasers, I'm sure we'll find you great project to hone your skills 😃

I've listed some tasks I have in mind, but please feel free to join our little community on Discord! My fellow maintainers and me will be happy to give you more pointers, ideas, help, and feedback. Until then, happy Hacktoberfest! 🚀

  • If you're fluent in React, we're looking to revamp the package search interface on our website. We're displaying a lot of information, and we'd like to highlight the most important ones in as few clicks as possible.

  • If you're a great technical writer, we could really use your help refining our documentation. We're often not native english speakers, and I personally make typos, grammatical errors, or sometimes even forget words in the of my sentences.

  • If you'd like working on the CLI, we have various tasks tagged Good First Issue that we've identified as being useful without requiring more than a minimal amount of context.

  • If you want to take a look at the infra side, talk with us! There are various places where we'd benefit from better typings, automated workflows, extra tests, or many other small things that let us focus on designing new features.

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thedevdavid profile image

Hey @arcanis ,

I'd like to help to revamp the search experience. Can you help me get started with it?

arcanis profile image
Maël Nison

Hey Dávid! I think to start with, the best would be to make a mockup of the same elements that are currently displayed, but in a more appealing way (for instance using something as simple as Codesandbox). Once we agree on it, we can show you where it would have to be implemented 😃

Perhaps it's worth opening a formal issue on our repository ( to discuss it!