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npm package called watch (if tool that im using doesnt have watch mode or im just writing some file and want to run it on every save)
htop - pretty top :) and its ! syntax - learning that saved so much time... ie. !yt designing with tailwind takes me directly to search results with that phrase on YT.
insomnia - app similar to postman, but free and so much better (IMO)
pj plugin for zsh (or oh-my-zsh) - basically an alias to cd ~/projects/project_name


I'm pretty minimal about scripts, I have a few aliases for the command line and a few for git, use exa instead of ls and ripgrep instead of the classic grep.

I recently went back to Sublime Text 3 from Visual Studio Code because it's faster and consumes less resources and although I love VS Code, I noticed how I have all the plugins I really need over there (mostly highlighting and an inline linter).

That's mostly it.


didn't know about exa till today! will definitely check it out.

I use vscode on my machine as well. I can testify to its resource consumption, I thought at first it was due to the number of extensions I have running. most times its a quick edit and nano does it for me, sadly not sure I'll ever get the hang of vi/vim


This is might not be in the spirit of what you're looking for, but I am so reliant on bash it's not even funny. I don't know what I'd do without bash or my pile of homegrown sysadmin scripts.


Exactly what I'm looking for Ben!
I'm a bash fan myself, I love how its always available on any Unix distro and has a mature code base, I literally got better at programming just because I wanted to know how to accomplish tasks on the terminal!

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