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Areeb ur Rub
Areeb ur Rub

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I build this Chrome extension : This enables every webpage on internet to have a Live-Chat feature.

I hope you have watched live streams on YouTube or Twitch and seen a live chat going with it.

Inspired from there I got this idea of building a chrome extension using which every page on internet can get a live chat feature.

How it works?

Whenever this extension is triggered it checks which website you are on and then connect you with other people on the same website.

And then it works like a simple Live chat.

But there is a problem !

It will only works when everyone uses it means any other person on internet should also have the extension then only the person can connect with other

Please use it and share it

Unless everyone uses this extension it will not show up people online, the purpose of building will not be fulfilled to give a live discussion chat.

At least have a look to it.
Link to extension : Click Here

Please Tell me How the extension is and what more can be done to it?

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Fettah Aud

i have a question about extension
lets say i have made a promodo timer extension
when u press on some thing the timer start counting down
but when iam closing the popup it restarting the counter and stop it

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Areeb ur Rub

I suggest you to read docs about the Background.js it handle Background process of chrome extension.

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I have tried creating a chatbot as an extension. But whenever the extension is minimized and reopened it is refreshed and the chat starts from the beginning, I wanted to maintain the session as that of your bot, can you help me with that

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Conner Ow

Very nice!! I like how it works, but the design could be better. If possible, maybe make it detect dark and light mode websites and adapt to that.

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Areeb ur Rub

Yeah I agree, it need more work on design and I will work on it as it start being used by people.

Thanks for your review,
Reviews like this keeps me motivated
Hope you have installed the extension