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Adam Miedema
Adam Miedema

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Help us make Alpas your favorite web framework

We want Alpas to become your favorite web framework and we need your help to do it!

Our goal is for Alpas to provide you with the main core components that you will need in order to build your awesome web applications. Or, in the least, make it insanely easy for you to include your own desired providers.

So far, Alpas delivers authentication, security, emails, databases, and queuing functionality out-of-the-box with additional libraries for social authentication, file storage, and an InertiaJS adapter.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Browse through the open source code on GitHub and follow the main Alpas project
  2. Take a look at our roadmap towards version 1.0
  3. Read through the Alpas documentation
  4. Start an Alpas project and build a sample project — whether based off the Fireplace Tutorial, the Quick Start ToDo Guide, one of these ideas, or your own creation
  5. Let us know your feedback, what’s missing, suggestions, or any issues you run across by entering an issue, creating a pull request, letting us know on Slack, or by filling out our feedback form

We are excited to hear your thoughts on how we can make Alpas your favorite web framework! ❤️

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cjbrooks12 profile image
Casey Brooks

I don't have any real projects I'm doing that need a server (I mostly work on Android now), but I've been playing around with Alpas and really like it a lot! I used to do a good amount of Laravel dev, and I love the similarity between Alpas and Laravel, both in usage and in the docs, which makes it feel very comfortable and familiar.

But I'm curious: why build the framework from scratch instead of building them as components on top of Ktor? Do you have a comparison of the two frameworks?

armiedema profile image
Adam Miedema

Hi Casey - thanks for the kind words and I am glad you are liking Alpas!

Laravel is definitely an inspiration of ours as we love the Laravel framework, documentation, community, and its ease of getting started and wanted to introduce a similar experience with Alpas.

In regards to Ktor - we were initially looking at using Ktor as an 'engine' of sorts and building a base model around it, but ultimately decided that to provide the Laravel-type experience, it would be best to build from the ground up. Though, we are still interested in possibly building something around Ktor in a future version - though that's a far off aspiration. In terms of comparison documentation, that's something I'll work on. 😁

Thanks again!