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Junior Oliveira
Junior Oliveira

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Stay up to date with what is happening on Github

After hearing several times from some friends who do not use social networks the phrase “my social network is Github”, I decided to make a feed that brings the activities of who you follow in Github. From comments on issues, pull requests, starred repositories, commits and etc … For you to follow everything that is happening in the open source community.

Awesome feed —

The similar twitter's layout is totally intentional, considering that it is the preferred social network of the open source community.

It still needs to improve a lot, but since I’ve been working alone, it is walking slowly.

You can collaborate on:

The tools used are basically: React, Redux, GraphQL, Styled-components and Recompose.

As always, suggestions are very welcome. I'll be waiting for pull requests.

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This is really cool and I think it has a lot of potential.

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Junior Oliveira

Thank you very much! Feel free to open new issues with feedbacks/suggestions. Pull requests are very welcome.

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Sung M. Kim

Pretty cool site 🙂.