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Arpanet lover
Arpanet lover

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Beginner's Front-End Development.

Hey there! I'm Wasim and i'm actually here to learn more about front-end and get even better at it.
Need some help for what i should learn next.
I have already completed html, css and for now i'm learning css preprocessor 'sass'.
But still haven't started Javascript.
Confused for what i should learn next and about bootstrap it's going on.

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Felix Swinkels

Start/keep building is the key! Look at your favorite websites and try to rebuild them for example.

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Welcome onboard!)
So, as Felix said before, keep practicing, try to build some landings which you like.
Also, I may send you a link for Telegram channel with free Figma templates, but that channel on Russian, if it’s not a problem)
Try desktop layouts, then make them responsive.

And you may make steps for deep diving for JS.
MDN and are so good for documentation and deep basic info!
Unfortunately, I can’t recommend some interactive courses.

So, good luck and just keep going!

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Oyeniran Sunday Adekola

What's your take on bootstrap?