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Streaming on Twitch!

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Crystal Fridays (7 Part Series)

1) Streaming on Twitch! 2) Crystal Fridays! 3 ... 5 3) Quick thought on Crystal 4) Crystal Fridays is in 30 minutes! 5) Crystal Fridays - May 2, 2020 6) Crystal Fridays - May 16, 2020 7) Crystal Fridays - May 22, 2020

I've been streaming for the past few weeks and really, really enjoying it! Last week I started with a Crystal app called cprox and ended up with a compile error I couldn't figure out.

This week, I figured it out! I'm gonna show how I fixed it and then dive into some functional programming (as you'd probably expect if you know me well enough =P) and maybe some testing, if time allows.

Hope to see you there at 10am Pacific Time!

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