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DevOPS team code review notifications

artemsre profile image Artem Artemev ・1 min read

The code review process is a good point. Developers do it every day, but operation team processes are not the same as devs. Waiting for config approve is time wasted for the whole operation team. Work in different branches is not suitable for terraform with single state file.
My teammates are trying to faster MR approving and write a lot of messages to slack. The MR notifications channel becomes too noisy and everyone thinks that this MRs already approved :).
There is a good point for automatisation.

Let's try to develop that I want.
The bot should write a message to Slack channel for every new MR and edit the same message then MR is approved and merged.
What we have finally:
Merge request notify
Glance view allows me to detect which MR is waiting my approve :)

I will appreciate any advice or ideas to improve my process. Next step is to write diff for one-line change MR to IM with the button "Approve". Just to increase the approval process for very simple changes.

The code for this bot: https://github.com/artemsre/gitlabMRNotify


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