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Arunas Skirius
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Developer-friendly Landing Pages

I don't like page builders.

As an "experienced" developer, I like having control over my websites. Being able to see, edit and publish any fine-tuned changes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and all of the backend logic.

That is not something many of the "Landing Page builders" can give or promise. They are often filled with unnecessary bloat, making for a worse experience for the visitor.

They also cost a ton. 😵‍💫

I went on to build the landing page myself from scratch, using some of the easiest and fastest frameworks available today.

Ok, then what?

Build the pages yourself with Next.js/Nuxt.js + some CSS framework + Vercel/Netlify.

Since I have experience with Vue.js + Tailwind, I chose the tools geared for that. You might choose different ones if you're into React, Angular or Svelte, but the point is - it's there, it's free, and really easy to use.

By building these landing pages yourself, instead of using page builders - you:

  • retain full control of the website. Make any changes at any time, no matter how complex they are
  • don't have to pay hefty fees for the page builders
  • the website is much much faster
  • you get to write more code (isn't that the fun part??)

Read more about my experience of building a fast and beautiful landing page in just a few hours here:

Hope this inspires some more of you to ditch the builders and make it your own! 😄 I mean, I know I'm in the right space, cos we're developers after all!

Thanks everyone 🙌

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Konstantin BIFERT

I think that everything has it uses, not everybody is able to write code.
Even tho, I share the same feeling of willing to make my own (eh, I'm a developer).