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How do I score 85/100 on my first attempt in LFCS exam

Brief about the Certification

If you want to demonstrate your system administration skills to your current/future employer then I would highly recommend to do LFCS certification. The exam consists of performance-based items that simulate on-the-job tasks and scenarios faced by sysadmins in the real world. Candidates can select either Ubuntu 18 or CentOS 7.

How I started

On Oct21 I have decided to take a jump in my DevOps journey and enrolled myself for cloud engineer bootcamp provided by Linux Foundation.
In that bootcamp there are 5 courses and 2 certifications. LFCS was one of that. If you look into there timeline, then after completing LFS201 and LFS211 you are ready to give exams. It took me 3 months i.e. till the beginning of Jan to complete both the course. ( It took me long as I have my fulltime job also as a DevOps Engineer).

After that I started looking for some blogs and other people's preparation guide on how to clear LFCS certification.

Then I did a lot of practices on different problems of various topics.

Here is the checklist

  1. Essential Commands 25%
  2. Operation of Running Systems 20%
  3. User and Group Management 10%
  4. Networking 12%
  5. Service Configuration 20%
  6. Storage Management 13%

Also you can get full Preparation guide from Linux Foundation

After having good practice I decided to give my exam on 6th Feb 2021(Sunday early Morning IST).

How it is going!

And here is the result (πŸ˜ƒ)


Here are the few important things which I learned during my preparation.

  1. man -k <keyword> is your go to guy to get any clue about any command/topic.
  2. Don't memorise the command instead practice and understand the concept.
  3. Keep practice on your virtual machine and not on any bare metal box. ( I have crashed my VM many times due to wrong configurations in partition 😁 )
  4. When you practice don't do google try to always look in man. Think like what if I forgot what needs to be write in config or what will be command then where I have to look.( Most probably there will be default conf under etc or you can look man).
  5. Remember questions are not that much tough in the exam, It is the time where people usually fail. I myself not able to attempt 2 questions(which is of marks). So don't stick on a single question for more than 5-7 mins.

Lastly solve as much problem as you can, complete the Practice Questions. All the best.

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