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Report test results to slack or microsoft teams

Sharing the test results to the right places at the right time is very important when you are working in a high velocity organisations.

And also having the right platform where teams can discuss transparently on the test failures is also equally important.

These test results come in different forms like JUnit, TestNG, xUnit and many more from testing tools like Selenium, Cypress or RestAssured. Similarly organisations use different communication platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams., etc for sending different kinds of alerts.

Test Results Reporter

Test Results Reporter is a command line tool that solves this problem elegantly. It allows us to publish test results to different entities. Even it allows us to customise the report to include hyperlinks, reportportal analysis, mentioning users based on a on-call schedule and more.

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Publishes test results to Microsoft Teams & Slack


Test Results Reporter

Publish test results to Microsoft Teams, Slack and many more.

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sabbirof profile image

Hi Anudeep , i am working with playwright. so how can i use this package for playwright..
I have used all the steps you have shown in this package config section. But I can't use it. so please share a solution for me. i am using azure devops and i want intagrated with ms team. Thanks

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chowdaryios profile image

Hi Anudeep , i am also working on the same thing like sending mochawesome html reports to teams. please share some knowledge , if you have any idea in this.

asaianudeep profile image

I think there is a way to upload HTML files via Microsoft Teams bots/apps. The test-results-reporter cli uses incoming webhook urls which can only send text messages.

A clean and easy solution would be to save your mochawesome html report as an artifact in your CI/CD pipeline. Then use the artifact url in your teams message using hyperlinks extension -

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