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Hacktoberfest 2018: JavaScript OSS that needs contributors

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I've not been actively contributing to opensource projects before now but having been following Hacktoberfest for a while before it finally got started today, I've been trying to clear out time on my schedule to contribute to a few open source projects and here I am looking for open source javascript projects I can contribute to.

Why JavaScript

I decided to go with JavaScript because I've been working with it at work and I've been actively learning and growing my skills with the language.

Anyone who has a JavaScript-based OSS project that needs contributors can drop links and a little description of the project so I can have options to contribute to.


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We need the search results page rewritten from vanilla JS to Preact. It’s not. A huge task but we haven’t found time for it yet. Would you be interested in giving it a shot?

If not, no worries. Plenty of projects out there!


I would love to give it a shot.

I haven't worked with Preact before but I guess it's gonna be a learning point for me.


Same basic API as React if you’re familiar with that. Either way, super useful to learn. I’m on my phone but when I get back to my computer I’ll find the right issue for you to reference.

Great, I just started learning React a few weeks back. I would be glad to work on this. Would be waiting for the issue so I can work on getting started fixing it.


Okay can’t seem to locate whether we’ve fully written this up yet. I can do so tomorrow, but here’s the deal:

We have a current page written in vanilla, we need to migrate to Preact. They're entirely different parts of the codebase. Old JS section and new JS section.

We want to keep the existing functionality but do things via states on Preact instead of vanilla spaghetti code.

If you’re not familiar with Rails you could start by installing the app and trying to get it up and running.

I’ll follow up with more details for this and similar issues in morning. 😄

Sure. I'll go ahead to install and get the app up and running while waiting for more information about the issue.

I'll also try to spend the time to get familiar with the code base.

Thanks much.

If you need some help with tips Samual give me a shout. I'm not super involved in react, I have more experience in Vue with tsx or plain Angular, however if you get started I can mentor you on this project.

Sure, I'll make sure to reach out once I get started on the project. Thanks much.

Rewrite search page in Preact #797

Feature Request or Task

As a user, I will want additional filters to narrow things down in my search. e.g. #360, but we don't currently have a great base for adding to the valnilla page.

Technical details

Right now, all the code for search is in _algolia_search.html.erb basically it's inline on the search page.

We want to move it to app/javascript. Create a new component in the src file called SearchResults and add a new pack called SearchResults, and then add <%= javascript_pack_tag "SearchResults", defer: true %> to _algolia_search.html.erb

Feel free to ask me for clarification.

Definition of Done

The current functionality has been replicated in clean, tested Preact code.

Here you go Samuel. If you get playing with this and it's a bit too complicated or weird to get going with, let me know. I could find something more straightforward to hack on.

Sure, I'll jump on it and make sure to keep you updated with my progress.
Thanks much.


Well, there's the ymarks browser extension, but you won't gain points with it (it's on Bitbucket) - still, I'd love to have more people in my team than just me.


Sounds like a good idea. I'll look through it more and get back to you about it within a few days. Thanks much for reaching out.

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