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Best UI LIbrary for your next React Native App

I had built multiple apps in React Native for my personal as well as Freelancing projects. I had also tried many UI libraries for React native, to get started fast and for consistent UI.

I had checked UI Kitten after some time but after I had used
UI kitten, I became a fan of this library. It has most of the components you will need, for example, Input, Card, Button, etc. It also supports the Light and Dark theme. It is the library that has its Icon Module and all the Icons are awesome. The app looks good in both the light theme and dark theme.

To create a new React Native app using Kitten UI, you just need to run the below command, it will create a new React Native app with the UI kitten as the template

npx react-native init MyApp --template @ui-kitten/template-js
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In the next post, I will try to explain, how to add UI-kitten to an already created project.

UI kitten offical page

To learn the Basic of UI kitten library refer to this blog, you will enjoy this

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