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Is React.js the best choice for beginners?

When considering a career as a programmer, a developer needs to consider what talents to acquire. Naturally, understanding of programming languages is required to work as a developer (they may be different for different companies). But there is one thing that sets you different and aids in your job search: your understanding of React.js. By reading this article you will know more about react, if you need any assistance, hire reactjs developers .

*What is React.js?

React is a JavaScript library that may be used to create web application interfaces. By reusing components, React or rather ReactJS aids in the development of a better framework for its products. ReactJS is made up of two parts: HTML code and HTML document. HTML code is used to create the user view layer, also known as the User Interface (UI). All of the components are contained on the HTML page.

** What is Javascript
**The programming language JavaScript (or JS) is used to produce and control dynamic online content. Animated graphics, photo slideshows, and interactive forms are examples of dynamic web content.

*What is the purpose of React?

Because of its minimal memory usage, React is an excellent tool for designing scalable web apps, especially when the application is an SPA (single page application). It's great for making user interfaces like search bars, drop-down menus, and anything else that the user interacts with.
React is a simple language with a clean and short syntax.

*Features of React

React is considerably simpler to understand and put into effect. As a result, any developer who has worked with JavaScript can rapidly pick up React and start developing web applications.

Reusable elements
Reusability of code is one of the most important features of React. Developers' workload is made easier by reusability. Programmers do not need to build separate scripts for related app components. As a result, the code can be reused. As a result, code reusability aids in the reduction of manufacturing costs.

Easy Code Testing
Testing is another important aspect of React. It comes with native tools that make testing and debugging a breeze. The component-based architecture of ReactJS decreases the amount of debugging required. Changes to one component of the app have no effect on the others. As a result, React saves a significant amount of time when it comes to testing and troubleshooting.

SEO Friendly
The use of ReactJS speeds up the creation of web pages. React applications load pages much faster than other types of applications. As a result, React pages have a low bounce rate. Furthermore, React's components, such as React Helmet and React Router, aid in the development of SEO-friendly applications.

*Pros and cons of React.js

Easy to learn and use
Reusable concepts
Support of handy tools
Easier Dynamic Web Application becomes easier
Seo Friendly

High pace development
View Part
Benefits of javascript library
Poor documentation
Support testing in code

*How difficult is it to learn how to use React.js?

We don't have an exact response because it is dependent on a number of things. At the very least, think about how quickly you pick up new skills.
It's worth noting that you'll need some programming experience before you start learning React.

*What are the prerequisites for getting started using React?

You need to have a basic understanding of programming before beginning to learn React.js. Knowing and understanding how the latest JavaScript iteration works, as well as having a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, is also essential. HTML and CSS are, after all, essential components of web development.

*Business benefits of react.js

Virtual DOM
You'll need more than HTML if you're only getting data from the server. Reactjs uses Javascript to build HTML. By a significant margin, the advantages of this technique outweigh the disadvantages. Because of Reactjs' remarkable front-end development features, developers can use Javascript to write HTML. The tree reconciliation technique is used by Reactjs to render HTML graphically. Because it eliminates the need to update all DOM entries frequently, this strategy speeds up the web application.

Code Reusability
One of Reactjs' most well-known features is the ability to reuse components. When developers reuse code, they don't have to write new code for similar program components. This enables faster development at a lower cost. The component-based architecture of Reactjs also reduces the need for frequent debugging. Changes to one feature of the app have no effect on the others. As a result, when it comes to testing and troubleshooting, Reactjs saves a lot of time.

One-way data binding
Reactjs uses one-way data binding to ensure that changes to the child components do not affect the parent components. As a result, each component can stand alone. Minor changes only demand changes to the data model, not the entire state. When a new edit is introduced, a huge amount of the software remains unchanged. As a result of their highly stable code, Reactjs applications are significantly easier to maintain.

SEO- friendly
Reactjs speeds up the rendering of web pages. As a result, the Reactjs app's page loading speed is relatively quick. As a result, the bounce rate of Reactjs web pages has dropped. These factors have a significant impact on the SEP performance of a web application. To summarize, Reactjs optimizes web applications for search engines. Furthermore, with tools like React Helmet and React Router, developers can easily design SEO-friendly web pages.


ReactJS is one of the most popular Javascript libraries, and it has been growing rapidly since 2011, with Facebook constantly updating it to make it better. During that period, it received over 140k stars on Github, indicating that developers and businesses are enthusiastic about the technology.
Choosing a profession as a web developer allows you to embark on a road that will be both entertaining and fascinating. You must master the bare minimum of talents in order to be deemed a successful and sought-after professional. Consider starting with the React library if you're unsure where to begin.

Discussion (7)

fjones profile image

I'll be the odd one out in the comments and say: Yes, react is actually good for beginners.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'll always advocate for understanding the underlying language concepts, yadda yadda yadda, but as far as an actual entry goes, react is surprisingly beginner-friendly. It's just important to know that it musn't end at react. Framework specialists are good, but language specialists are better.

curiousdev profile image

Reading the title, I expect some kind of definition for "beginner".
If it is about UI frameworks, a comparison as well as a more detailed explanation why exactly it would be good for unexperienced people would be great. If it is about JavaScript in general, please explain when (and why) it is a good idea to actually start using an UI framework, because you should first understand how JS and all the other important web technologies work to some extent.

jay8142 profile image
Sir Broddock

Honestly, I would love to endorse react for beginners, but there are a few key reasons why I think that's a bad idea.

  1. Tooling. Properly setting up react tooling is not easy for a beginner, less so if they follow common practices (eg next.js, webpack, typescript). This adds a huge layer of complexity just to get their foot in the door.
  2. API complexity. Yes, there are ways to utilize react without knowing a backend developer or knowing backend development, but again, a new developer will be learning uncommonly utilized react use cases if they start producing websites without API based or at minimum SSR react.

These two things are giant, nearly unpassable barriers. I think react is a good one to start with if and only if the new developer has a present mentor to guide them through all the barriers mentioned above. Otherwise, the new developer will face countless tooling barriers, and if/when they do have it figured out they will still risk learning all kinds of bad habits and bad practices anyway. Possibly better to just start with vanilla JS even though that will have to be unlearned eventually shrugs.

ajeethcs profile image

React have one of the best documentation in my opinion.

pengeszikra profile image
Peter Vivo

React for beginners imho is really hard. Because don't enough learn the javascript, but also learn JSX syntax, one way binding concept and lot of state management method. Each of these extra is need to strong javascript knowledge first, especial ES6 things. But you right, react is great library and concepts, I using day by day. Compare my old complex javascript apps react give fare more helps to develop same or even more complex programs, under much sorter time.

bhavyashah profile image

See in my response we have to use react js because it is easy to handle, fast data calling and easy to write code.

Now most of the developer are going to make a website on react js library.

dukemagus profile image

"*How difficult is it to learn how to use React.js?
We don't have an exact response because it is dependent on a number of things."

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