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Just Make That App

As someone who's new to the web dev game, I find it hard to accept all my ideas as good ones. Yes, you read that right, all ideas are good ideas. Ideas are similar to questions, it's all about the timing. Every single idea you have leads to a learning experience.

There's a lot of pressure to make something cool or super useful and profitable. You don't have to do that right now, especially if you're learning a new framework. You can make any app you want to, for whatever reason you want to. If no one is getting hurt, just do it!

There are no dumb ideas. Some ideas are better than others obviously, but all ideas keep our creative juices flowing. Once you get started, it'll be hard to stop. Eventually, you'll find the best idea to suit your current situation. All you have to do is sit and listen to your thoughts without judgment. Let them all pour out freely.

Now, let's hear those app ideas! Maybe you'll find someone with a similar idea. Maybe get in touch and think about collabing. :)

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vuild profile image

Very true. It usually takes a long time for people to learn this lesson. Always be creating stuff.

It's almost always the execution, not the idea that determines success (Devto is just anther forum or just some txt & input fields if you want to go that far). Tenacity (and timing) is a large part of most successes.

Everything big started as something horrible.

Check out Goo's first (and second) logo

I am liking @daviducolo RSS search (anything for a more independent & private web is growing fastest rn, authoritarian, gatekeeping, centralization is being routed around), found here.

I am not giving you my best ideas Ashlee 🀣.

"Your (my?) Friend Dave" has lots of good ideas (some funny, some terrible, some doable)

What have you or are you making?

_adam_barker profile image
Adam Barker

Very good point! In fact, building something is the best way to learn and provides the glue between all those conceptual aspects and something concrete.

angelarae63 profile image
Angela Whisnant

Ok, since you brought this do you build apps? With html and javascript, or some kind of framework? I know IOS apps are different than Android, but I wouldn't know where to begin. I've covered html5, css, bootstrap3 and bootstrap4 and just starting javascript so maybe I'm not ready yet. I like your I want a beer, though.:0)

alexmenor profile image
Alex Menor

Web development is a perfect entry point IMO.

nibi profile image

Very convincing. I'm just gonna start with it.... tomorrow :)

vuild profile image

Si mañana. 😊

geocine profile image
Aivan Monceller

On the other hand, I also think ideas are just ideas if you don't even start executing it or don't know a way to properly execute it.