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Knative eventing - examples


GitHub repo


To create knative resources  #to create knative eventing resources  #to create kafka resources for knative eventing  #to create a in-cluster kafka cluster  #to create knative serving resources
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Alternate use kn quickstart kind to create a cluster with serving and eventing installed


Run to demo apisource that captures and prints kubernetes api server events


Run to demo a broker based routing with triggers to filter and route to different sinks


Run to demo a simple InMemory channel implementation


Run to demo a ping-source to be used in cronjob kind of scenario to send predefined events periodically to the event pipeline


Run to demo a sequence of 3 services, passing the result to a final service

  • kafka/ - to implement a demo from KafkaSource to KafkaSink
  • triggermesh/ - to implement sources and sinks(target) with HTTP servers and cloud-events

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