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Pre: DevOps 100 Days Of Code Challenge

I saw a challenge some of the shared on this platform. I find it very interesting and decided to start doing my own. Anyway since i do not have any sosial media to begin with and think... Hurm why not just post my progress in, kinda be fitting considering I learn so much from here.

Since I just decided to do this project in the span of 100 days, I think I may need to lay out a plan on what I wanna do and how to do it. I plan to learn how to set up a kubernetes on a cloud platform ( Alibaba Cloud ). This will in turn orchestrate a bunch of Docker docks that will run a Vue.js/Bootstrap 4 frontend, a Django ( Code Red CMS) for the backend, and also Prosgresql for the database. To make it all work while, I will also be setting up Ubuntu 18.4 LTS for hardening and while also making sure I could create 3 distinct enviroment, 1 for Development, 1 for SIT and UAT, and one for Production. Because I am cheap, I will also be using free application ( gmail for my email server), no integration with any 3rd party application that would cost me a fortune. The whole project will be track and control with the use of GitHub and also for Continues Integrations ( not sure yet ). I think a long the way I will quote a lot of people blog and solution which enable me to make this project a reality. To be honest I do not expect this project to finish within the 100 days time frame but I hope this will definitely develop me as a full Stack DevOps developer.

A recap:
1) Cloud Application ( Alibaba Cloud )
2) Kubernetes Orchestration.
3) Docker pods
4) Vue.JS/Bootstrap 4 Frontend
5) Django ( Code Red CMS ) Backend
6) Postgresql Database
7) Gunicorn Backend Server
8) Ubuntu 18.4 LTS hardening and configuration
9) 3 distinct Environment to get for Development, UAT/SIT, Production
10) Git repo on GitHub and CI(to be determine)

A full blown Full Stack DevOps development project.

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Looks great and exciting Ashraf, looking forward to following your progress!

ashraf_zolkopli profile image

Thanks Raz, I must add that I'm currently pumped up to do this challenge and at the same time want to make it in such a way that anyone can follow along with me to create their own project.